Managing Director's Message

As one of the founders of GCE, I welcome you to find out more about our company. Through precise strategies and continuous developments, GCE has grown tremendously from a small company to a diversified specialist firm in the field of construction materials testings to ground investigation field works since 1976. Being one of the leading firms in the civil engineering field, we strive to maintain and enhance progressive development in our skills, technologies, experiences and achieve highest quality of work to meet the stringent production demand and work requirements.

It's our belief that teamwork is an unbeaten energy resource that improves work efficiency and professional ethics, and also organizational structure and discipline strengthens staff loyalty and self-improvement. I always believe that a knowledge-driven economy would bring a higher quality of people's living. Through sponsorship to universities in civil engineering field as well as encouraging and awarding staff to further demonstrate their enthusiasm, energy and competence in work by continuous education, we are spearheading the expectation of nurturing more high caliber professionals. Moreover, we participate in international competitions and conventions frequently to keep ourselves on the competitive edge.

In order to keep a steady growth of our Company, we focus on catching the trend and understand the needs of the industry and hence upholding the idea of continuous improvement, emphasis on efficiency and quality services. Although the construction industry is facing harsh situation and greater challenges, we establish long-term development strategies to accommodate the needs of the industry.

With our strategic planning in business diversification, the Company will maintain sustainable growth in scope of business and keep priority on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of technical capabilities and broadening of scope of business.

GCE endeavors to meet the needs of client and commit to providing professional and efficient services in the construction industry. Total customer satisfaction is the key service goal of our Company. The success of GCE depends largely on the diverse professional skills, teamwork and loyalty of our staff. In the coming future, GCE aim at expanding its domain in the industry, taking active participation in Hong Kong and Asia and striving to exceed our customer's expectation and requirement with value-added services.

Work as a Team
Strive for the Best
Maintain Top Quality Service

To become a leading and preferable professional company in providing highest quality consultation services to our customers in civil, geotechnical and materials engineering construction, and testing of building and civil engineering construction materials.

Management Vision

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