Ground Investigation

Ground Investigation Department provides proficient and professional services on exploration and investigation of sub-surface ground condition and site formation, stability studies of foundation, slopes and retaining walls. All the working methodologies are strictly adhered to Geoguides 2 and 3 issued by Civil Engineering and Development Department and relevant international standards.

Our major ground investigation services illustrate as follow:

  • Excavation of inspection pits, trial pits, slope surface stripping and sinking of probes
  • Rotary drilling with associated sampling, field testing and installation of instrument
  • Wireline core drilling to retrieve core samples
  • Laboratory testing on soil and rock samples

Scope of Works:

  • Excavation of trial pits and trial trenches
  • Rotary / Wireline drilling
  • Stripping of slope surface protection
  • Field testing:
    1. Standard penetration test
    2. Vane shear test
    3. Permeability tests
    4. Water absorption test
    5. Impression packer test
    6. Borehole televiewer
    7. Pressuremeter test
    8. ?Eastman?test
    9. ?Pajari?test
    10. Pumping test
  • Installation and monitoring of geotechnical instrumentation:
    1. Standpipe piezometer
    2. Pneumatic piezometer
    3. Vibrating wire piezometer
    4. Inclinometer
    5. Magnetic extensometer
    6. Automatic groundwater monitoring device

Latest Works

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